Enrollment success stories begin – and end – with Medical

Medical plans account for the majority of the benefits budget, so it makes sense that brokers, employers, and employees spend the most time on it. GIS Preferred Enrollment adds value to medical plans, driving engagement and participation.

3 Ways GIS Preferred Enrollment Adds Value to Medical Plans

1 – Technology

Custom online platform for all benefits – enrollment-ready in 15 days or less

2 – Education

Inbound call center provides support for medical enrollment – plus helps employees understand how their ancillary benefits supplement medical

3 – Administrative Ease

End-to-end medical eligibility management

Add GIS Preferred Enrollment for groups with 10+ employees to deliver:

  • Integrated medical and non-medical enrollment support from expert, non-commissioned Benefit Coaches
  • 56% average participation rates on non-medical benefits
  • 99.8% accuracy for medical eligibility management

Ask your local GIS Benefits representative for more information.